Loan Product Price

$80,000 - $750,000

· 2-5 beds

· 1-3 baths

· various square footage

STKMRT works for you to create the best fit home loan.  The goal is for the Borrower to obtain the desired specialty solution mortgage for their residential purchase.  We are in business to make viable deals happen.  Our Team of Private Loan Specialists & Brokers provide exemplary experiences to each escrow process.  Local Investors review each offering and supply the spirit of community.  

We provide administrative support to all mortgages and strive to exceed the business as usual expectation for single homes, 2-4 Units, Condos, TIC, multi-unit apts. & care facilities.  STKMRT loans are written so Terms are clear & easy to understand!  We create opportunities to maintain a healthy budget and undertake large purchases with peace of mind and in a reasonable time frame.


Private Home Loans

Specialty solutions FOR You! 

- Fully Amortized Home Loans

- Specialty Short Term Loans from 5 years

- Self Employed & Retirees Welcome!

- Refinancing & Interest Only Options

- Large Principal Balance Reductions Accepted

-  No Prepayment Penalties


Edition Loan Product Price

$750,000 and up!

· 5 Plus beds      · Large sq. ft.

· 3 plus baths    · Urban apTs.

· Luxury & Resort


Large estates and luxury apartments serve a very specific portion of the real estate market place. Go with your Team that is not only experienced, but understands all the ins and outs of the deal.  Every penny has 2 sides - let us offer a private mortgage experience that will completely finish that dream.