Loan Product Price by Acreage

amenities vary by Property


Equestrian & Specialty Large Breed Ranchers have to move capital in order to maintain these unique Estates. Being able to increase profits to these businesses may come with the need for renovation of the existing facilities. To have a Broker like STKMRT as your partner, we can maintain any legacy business for generations to come! In addition, planning for future expansion and development is a part of our servicing for any return mortgage customer.


Large Acreage Estates are part of the landscape to ideal living and that certain pace of life. In having a green way of living planned, the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada rural communities are the obvious solution.  Land can transform into a perfect ranch destination or that quiet get away all your own to cherish.


Livestock and Grazing Animal ties are part of our living history as a Brokerage as much as any individual home sale.  The equity of the land can be leveraged and utilized in various ways to create opportunities for the keen eyed business professional.  The head to any ranch can appreciate our sincere and straight forward approach to the real estate evaluation for these iconic properties.