Loan Product Price $30,000 and up!

amenities by Property

This loan product is a powerful tool to any owner or local entrepreneur.  Harnessing the intrinsic value of a parcel to improve and develop land is central to California's economic success.  Call on STKMRT to finance any new construction; We are experienced and available to fund projects!

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Having an idea in mind, we examine design intent, function, and profitability as a Team. Go from that midcentury fixer upper into that revitalized Mediterranean escape in a supportive and knowledgeable environment.

Evaluation through appraisal is required on all projects.  Using our tested business model STKMRT ensures that budgeted items are kept in check.  The project site is delivered on time and with the quality amenities desired. We are your local stop for financing growth daily!

Remodeling & Minor Updates

customize any living space


- Increase Equity with a New Room

- Large Repairs - New Roof, Septic, & Pools

- Modernize Kitchens and Baths

- Redo floor plans for better flow & comfort

- Total Efficiency Upgrades for Energy Savings

- Solar Panels and onsite storage facilities


Subdivision Developments

Provide a Modern Lifestyle

As an established brokerage, we can prescribe for future lot sales.  Ensuring financing is in place for the next lot start up is only one part!

Developers need to have a financier in their corner that will support their targets and can aid them to get the most return on each lot. Experienced and confidently processing draws.


Revive a neighborhood and design a modern lifestyle. We are ready to finance any venture!