Application and Loan Funding Process

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Mortgages for Real People

A STKMRT Private Loan Specialist is available to start processing your ideas and will partner as your guide to a custom mortgage solution.

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Our Team of Professionals will be able to qualify you in a way that brings you confidence; we will create the future focused mindset needed to achieve any successful real estate or mortgage transaction.

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Simple and easy evaluation of your new loan is captured in a clear and reasonable timeline

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Please communicate any & all situations that could improve your ability to be approved.  All loan products are different and customizable to varying degrees.  If there is an urgent rush to your timeline, please instruct STKMRT of this!


Be Ready to Fund in 4 Steps

STEP ONE - A STKMRT Loan Application is to be completed by all Borrower(s) or Parties. Call today and we can get this completed in 24 Hrs

STEP TWO - Identity Verifications for all Parties to the loan for Personal Qualification

STEP THREE - Required Reporting - Parcel & Title Qualification are certified by 3rd Parties

STEP FOUR - Initial Loan Products are offered with a Disclosure of specialty terms. Negotiate and settle on final $ values. Enter into Escrow!