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Stockton Mortgage Real Estate Loan Servicing Corporation is the premier California Broker for real estate mortgages. We focus on providing customized solutions that fit your individual need. The local service center is a friendly and welcoming business space unlike any other!

Timely approval & financing to ventures for all qualifiable properties and persons is our standard practice. We work quickly to package private loans in a boutique mortgage setting.

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Variable Loan Terms & Refinancing Options - Self Employed & Retirees Always Welcomed 


All property & credit types are encouraged to apply for financing a specialty loan!

Serving the Golden State for over 35 years, come flourish in the real estate market.  This major economic driving force can empower you to be more than yesterday.  Make your dream a reality with a private loan from your local specialty business.


 More than a Local Broker  

Stockton Mortgage RELSC is the more than a firm - it’s a neighbor, and anyone that connects a community must come with talented and observant individuals. We provide Investments that are vetted to meet varying market strategies. Integrity & Value are found in our communities.


Single Beneficiary Opportunities - Construction Projects - Refinance Ventures - Local & Responsible


Bolster local commerce with influential market financing which is secured by real estate. Established and growing California - Loans Available & New Offerings Daily or click on the button to learn how to open your STKMRT Investor Profile!


Living it up in California


A true brokerage seamlessly ties into the local economy. That's why we selected the Central Valley - beautifully situated in Stockton, just South of Sacramento, close to the Sierra Nevada Communities, and a short commute to the Bay Area.

Open daily to make your acquaintance!