Loan Product Price  $50,000 - $850,000

Varies · 1500 - 5,000 sq. Ft.


Agricultural properties are part of California's great heritage; the Wild West is alive and well.  Ties to the land sometimes go from generation to generation and these businesses need to harness equity to compete, procure machinery, or renovate to maintain operations.  We enjoy servicing small farming communities and hope to empower them to keep their places on their agricultural estates. STKMRT will give a fair product!  Restaurant Owners come to our Team for a perfect buy!

senrio farm.jpg

With a larger portion of the population having next phase life plans on the immediate horizon, STKMRT can help finance this important transition to mid and later life living.  For those that hope this will include a more rural housing element, private funding can be your immediate solution to expedite this process. Our Team will navigate your specialty options into an ideal agricultural space.

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