Loan Product Price by Market

500 SQ ft - greater Sq Ft

Procuring the perfect space for a business to grow has become a vital facet for entrepreneurs. Location, Location, Location and then there is the cost impact.  Market strategies dictate certain demographics be met.  STKMRT harnesses the specialty loan product that can best serve both a small local merchant owner and any mid-sized corporation.  Expansion is awaiting you!


Find that new locale to support a growing staff in need of more space. Commercial real estate is a key part to our servicing system.  A bit more involved than a residential purchase, we can finance and eliminate delays by relying on our years of escrow experience. Time is of the essence in the developmental phase. Contact us to get started on financing that dream space! 



The industrial sectors of California provide for storage yards and warehouse facilities.  The key factor for managing time lines and serving logistical needs is location.  As planning allows for greater development to the Golden State, we are here to provide a superior financing experience for all its' developments.